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Box for poker (canasta) cards
  • Box for poker (canasta) cards

Box for poker (canasta) cards

199.00 Kč
VAT included

3D printed box intended for storing two packs of poker (or canasta cards) measuring 87x57 mm. This box is printed from PETG and equipped with a steel pin locked by a spring as the axis of rotation of the hinge, so there is no risk of it breaking like with all-plastic boxes. If necessary, the hinge can be disassembled by pushing the pin with a pin or other thin tool.

The box holds two decks of cards with a total maximum height of 35 mm.

The box is available in black, other colours can be made to order.

The design of the box is based on the following model: https://www.printables.com/model/56071-parametric-rugged-box

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Box for poker (canasta) cards

Box for poker (canasta) cards

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Can be made in other colours