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Data protection declaration

in accordance with EU regulation 2016/679

   of  MP JET s.r.o. with registered offices at Lazenská 578, 37311 Ledenice, Czech Republic, business ID:  26041251, company entered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in České Budějovice, section C, file 10780,  (later MP JET) is responsible to protect your personal data and keep responsibilities stated in the general legislation about personal data protection.

 Personal data

     MP JET gets personal data about yourself or your company in this range: title, name, surname, company name, VAT reg. Nr., company address, shipping address, phone number, e-mail address and bank account number. Providing these details is voluntary, as well as a conclusion of the contract, however, it is impossible to enter the contract for supplying of the goods or providing a service.

 Cause of processing

     MP JET processes personal data without an agreement of the subject for legal reasons, contract negotiations and completion of the contract or for reclamation processing and for direct marketing of our own products and sending business messages.

     MP JET gets personal data directly from the subjects of the personal data in accordance with contract negotiations of delivering goods or providing services.

     MP JET passes personal data to state authorities, if this is a legal obligation and if it is necessary to protect the rights of MP JET.

    The controller of your data can delegate processing of the data to a third person, as a processor. The processor of personal data is another corporation, which, in the name of controller, can process the data. The processor can only do such operations with the data, which are authorised by the controller or ensue from the activity that the processor was delegated with by the controller. The processor fulfils established obligations according to the EU regulation 2016/679 about data processing, from which the processor cannot divert as a result of its own decision. Because of that, MP JET can provide personal data without an agreement of a subject to the suppliers providing services of post delivering and parcel delivering.

Storage period

Personal data of the subject and also the data about its shopping negotiations are processed for the duration of any business relationship and for the next 10 years after completion of the last business relationship with MP JET, or until an agreement with personal data processing has been revoked. Individual contracts are, after their concluding, archived by the seller in electronic and physical form and are only available to MP JET.

  Method of processing personal data

     Personal data of the subjects are processes in electronic and physical form.

 Safety of the personal data

     MP JET has technical and organizational safety precautions to ensure, that the personal data of the subjects are protected as much as possible especially against unauthorised access to them. MP JET continuously updates safety precautions to the actual state of the technics

     All persons which come in contact to the personal data of the subjects in performance of their work or contractually assumed obligations are bound by the contractual duty of silence

 Rights of the data subjects

The subject of the data has the right of being informed about processing their personal data. That means right to certain information about personal data processing. It is especially the information about the reason of the processing, the identity of the controller, its legitimate interest and about the receivers of the personal data.    

     In other rights of the subjects of the data, that are based on activity of the subject, is the right to access the personal data, the right to correction or renewal, the right to erasure of the data, the right to restrict the procession, the right to portability of the data, the right of objection and the right not to be the subject of automated individual decision making, including profiling.

 The subject of the data has the right to get the personal data while it has the right to get the following information:

   - reason of the processing,

   - category of concerned personal data,

   - receiver or the category of the receivers, to whom the personal data was or will be made available,

   - planned period, for which the data will be archived,

   - existence of the right to request correction, renewal, or deletion and the right to object,

   - the right to complain at the supervisory authority, which is Úřad na ochranu osobních údajů, www.uoou.cz,

   - all available personal information about the source of the personal data, if they are not gained from the subject of the personal data,

   - the fact, whether automated decision making, including profiling, occurs.

 Subject of the data has the right to correct inaccurate personal data, that concern it.

The right of deletion (to be forget) of the data means for the controller the obligation to dispose the personal data, if at least one condition is met:

   - personal data are not needed for the reason, for which they were gained or otherwise processed,

   - the subject of the data withdraws the agreement and there is no legal need for processing,

   - the subject of the data raises objections to processing and there are no prevailing legitimate reasons for


   - the personal data were gained unlawfully,

   - the personal data has to be deleted in order to complete lawful obligations,

   - the personal data were gained in accordance with an offer of services from an information company

according to article 8 paragraph 1 of the Regulation.

 The right of portability is an option when there is an option to gain the data, that concern the subject and that has given the controller in structured, commonly used machine-readable format to another controller, if it is technically possible.

 The subject of the data has the right to get a confirmation from the controller, that the personal data that concern him are or are not processed and if they are, the subject has the right to access this personal data.

If it is a request according to article 15 to 22 of the Regulation, the information has to be provided without unnecessary delay and in any case within one month of receiving a written request. The period can be in exceptional cases extended by two months, about which the Subject has to be informed from the controller, including the reason of extension.

The controller will provide the copy of processed personal data. For every copy the subject requests, the controller can charge adequate fee on behalf of administrative costs. If the subject submits the request in electronic form, the data will be provided in electronic form that is commonly used, if the subject does not ask for another way.

All rights stated above or the withdrawal of the agreement in case when MP JET processes personal data based on your agreement, are possible to apply in writing at the registered address of MP JET or via e-mail on address ehop@3dmarketplace.cz or mpjet@mpjet.com

Zákony a předpisy: - zák. č. 110/2019 Sb. o ochraně osobních údajů

- nařízení Evropského parlamentu a Rady (EU) 2016/679