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Moss tower starting set
  • Moss tower starting set
  • Moss tower starting set
  • Moss tower starting set

Moss tower starting set

349.00 Kč
VAT included Made to order, shipping in 7 days

A 3D printed starter set of moss growing tower, for example for Araceae. Thanks to the wet moss (not included in the package), the plant can roots into the pole, which then acts as its natural environment, so the plant does not need to be tied down.

This starter set can be expanded with additional tower parts that can be slid into each other (elements need to be firmly pushed into each other with force, for example with your hand against a tiled floor). The height is therefore limited by your ceiling and how firmly you attach the rod to the flower pot. In the case of a longer rod, we recommend tying the rod to the flower pot using the pre-printed holes in the fixing part.

Colour: White
On stock

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Moss tower starting set

Moss tower starting set

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Package contents

1 fixing part for the flower pot

2 pieces of tower (each 22 cm, assembled length approx. 43 cm, dia 6 cm)

This product was edited from the model https://makerworld.com/en/models/38377 with CC-Attribution-Share Alike licence. 

Not suitable for outdoors (material might degrade due to UV exposure). It is always up to the user to evaluate the risk of damage (for example, due to overloading or insufficient fixing of the tower). 3DMarketplace is not responsible for any damage.


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Can be made in different dimensions
Can be made in other colours

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