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Planter Nephrite
  • Planter Nephrite

Planter Nephrite

103.00 Kč
VAT included

Design flower pot with an octagonal shape with a low-polygon design in a helix. Available in many colours and three sizes - S, M and L. The flowerpot can be used directly for planting a plant, or as a cover for a regular flowerpot. The flower pot has no drainage hole and is therefore waterproof.

Flowerpots are made from PLA and PETG materials - according to the colour. These materials are harmless to health, but they are not intended for direct contact with food and drink - bacteria can multiply in the grooves of the walls.

Size S - upper inner diameter 60 mm, height 50 mm

Size M - upper inner diameter 100 mm, height 100 mm

Size L - upper inner diameter 150 mm, height 150 mm

Size: M
Colour: Graphite
On stock

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Planter Nephrite

Planter Nephrite

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Large- L
Medium - M
Small - S
Can be made in different dimensions

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