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Paralelogram arm
  • Paralelogram arm
  • Paralelogram arm
  • Paralelogram arm

Paralelogram arm

549.00 Kč
VAT included

A parallelogram arm kit facilitating the assembly of threaded inserts by keeping the soldering iron parallel to the work surface (table) using a parallelogram mechanism. At the same time, there is also no need to put the soldering iron in the stand every time - just let go and your hand will keep the pen in this position. Use in combination with our tips and tips for pressing threaded inserts into plastic.

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Paralelogram arm

Paralelogram arm

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The parallelogram arm uses 3D printed black PETG parts, aluminium parts and profiles (parallelogram arms) and steel fasteners. For mounting to the work surface, it is possible to use the three included screws 2.9x22 mm, or the parallelogram pin contains an M8 thread for mounting through a hole in the table (the M8 screw and washer are not included in the package).

A clamping mechanism is used to fasten the soldering pen by tightening using a knurled screw. Available head sizes can be found below. If you have a different, incompatible size of the soldering pen, send us an e-mail or a message via the e-shop and we will arrange a modification.

For right-handed and left-handed users - you can choose which side of the head is convenient for you to have the handle and tightening screw of the soldering pen.


Maximum/minimum reach: 65/25 cm from the base. Height when folded: 37 cm. 360° rotation. These values are indicative only, depending on the soldering pen you use, its connection to the power source, the component's height and other factors.

The parallelogram arm must be assembled, it is supplied as a kit. The manual is enclosed in paper form or is available online on our website. You need your own tools for assembly (7 and 10 mm wrenches, 3 mm Allen key with a length of at least 90 mm, 5 mm Allen key and PH 1 screwdriver when using the included screws).

Available in two versions:

  • With head piece for soldering iron Solomon SL-I
  • With head piece for soldering iron Weller WSP-80 and Hakko 907 copy

Hlavice WSP80 SLI_EN.png

Made in the Czech Republic.

Content of package: 1 kit

MPJ 96300