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Phone stand Enderman
  • Phone stand Enderman
  • Phone stand Enderman

Phone stand Enderman

299.00 Kč
VAT included

3D printed phone stand in the design of the Enderman character from the computer game Minecraft.

The stand is suitable for phones with a maximum height of 165 mm. Phones (tablets or others) higher than this dimension will be supported on the head of the stand.

Default version is unglued (it is a kit which must be glued, suitable glue: CA), optional possibility (with extra charge) for sending in a glued state. The surcharge includes the gluing service, parts and fasteners for transport fixation. This fixing part must then be unscrewed (a Phillips screwdriver is not part of the package).

Package contents: 1 pc

Variant: Kit
On stock

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Phone stand Enderman

Phone stand Enderman

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Enderman character design © Mojang

Base design (Grass block) based on model https://www.printables.com/en/model/490979-minecraft-grass-block-container with CC - Attribution license.


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Can be made in different dimensions
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